Saturday, 2 June 2012

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tiny USB drive packs a whopping 1TB storage into the size of a Swiss Army Knife

     Many people see 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB but technology grow faster and SATA launch his 1TB(1000GB)mass storage pen drive you will get it 2800Rs up to 3000Rs.

      Victorinox, the company best known for its popular line of convenient multi-bladed Swiss Army Knives, has a solution for the storage-hungry among you. Its new Victorinox SSD product delivers an amazing 1TB of storage in a container the size of your average USB thumb drive or, more literally, the size of a Swiss Army Knife.

      The technology inside is actually a Solid State Drive — the same type of fast and light drive found in ultra-slim notebooks like the MacBook Air. Only this one is much smaller than your typical SSD — tiny enough to actually fit inside a pocketknife. The drive also comes loaded with a combination of both hardware and software encryption, making all that valuable data highly secure and safe from prying eyes.

We asked what happens when you forget the drive is in your bag the next time you head through airport security and TSA agents avidly leap to confiscate your set of portable knives. Fortunately the company has anticipated that problem, and the Victorinox SSD actually comes with two separate Swiss Army Knife bodies: one in red that includes all the implements a budding MacGuyver might need (blade, scissors, nail file, and screwdriver), and one in black that is completely bladeless. 

It's relatively sexy as far as storage news goes, but there is a catch — a company representative told us the retail price once the Victorinox SSD launches later this year will likely be in the neighborhood of $3,000. Clearly sexy storage doesn't come cheap, but if you have a need to store mass quantities of data both compactly and securely, this diminutive SSD drive might just fit the bill.
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